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Steven Aanonson Bombastic, beautiful, and most importantly.. a lot of damn fun! Props to the artist for wrangling together some of the best vocalists i've heard in the genre. Favorite track: Banjo ft Jelila.
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Lost Again Video Clip : bit.ly/1E1cOLh

Music Video directed and produced by Jonathan Mascaro (Black Triangle). And co-Directed by Nicolas Questel.
Co-produced by Karreo (Soundtrack & MV production) under the supervision of Jeff Kray

Think I Don't Video Clip : bit.ly/1eWzsL5

was directed by Simon Mesnard and produced by Karreo, for any track you'd wish to synchronize, let me know trough :

ENG //

ODES features talented vocalist and composers around the same composer, writer & producer The8thstep.
The album will be available for free (name your price) and completely relying on you promoting it by sharing it, or offering it to someone you know (or don't).

This album is dedicated to Valérian Derenne, John Martin & Stephanie Pottier for their time and enthusiasm troughout the multiple Beta-listens and constant curiosity during the process. And also to Simon Mesnard and Jean François Carré for their help in carefully promoting it.

Written, Composed and Produced by The8thstep & brought to life by Rïcïnn, Pia Salvia, Jelila Bouraoui, Melle Argile & Aurélien Barry

FR //

ODES se font rejoindre 5 chanteuses/chanteur autour d’un projet d’album commun produit, écrit et composé par The8thstep. L’album mêle les atmopshères et genres musicaux, avec pour direction les thèmes scénaristiques des paroles, odes aux émotions et emprises de la vie, à chaque morceau une révérence aux sentiments qui en découle.
Dans une fibre proche de celle d'artistes comme Massive Attack, Rob Dougan, Saltillo...
Le projet a pour but d'emprunter aux modernes et anciens procédés de compositions leur particularité avec comme première ambition d'envouter son auditeur par des sons prenants, des mélodies singulières et des textes réfléchis chanté par des artistes talentueux, investis et originaux.


released May 1, 2014

The8thstep, Rïcïnn, Pia Salvia, Jelila Bouraoui, Melle Argile, Aurélien Barry



all rights reserved


The8thStep Brussel, Belgium

Born in New Zealand (2005), The8thstep, Alias for Belgian composer/songwriter/producer (Derenne Stélian) started with purely electronic ambitions and evolved with the love of classical orchestrations related to technological capabilities and bastardized by years of abusive musical introspection. ... more

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Track Name: Sleeping Frenzy ft Pia Salvia
Sleeping Frenzy / Rêve :

Spaces in the night
Fill denial
Each ignite
Shattering exiles

I see you there,
Eyelid sealed,
'Arms in the air,'
My way

It's a wish preview,
A glimpse of free
I dreamed of you,
Dreaming of me

Once awake,
As we vanish,
Our fairy intake,
Has just perished

Now we leave,
Both our bed
Relieved to believe,
But wake up so upset
And your life passes by,
You don't seem too upset of that much wasted time,
And your mind trashes mine,

I'll forget all regrets and go on writing rhymes

Rhyming of you,
Dreaming of me,
Loving anew,
Sleeping frenzy,
Crazy pursuit,
Not to be free,
Poisonous fruit,
Forever sleepy,
An end in a suit,
In a coffin maybe,
Have no need for a cure,
I've gone mad already,
I just want to be sure,
You'll be dreaming of me,
Dreaming of you dreaming of me
I'vee no need for a cure
I'm as fine as crazy
I'll finally be free'd,
From this sleeping frenzy
I just want to be sure
You'll be dreaming of me
"Ton sommeil, mon amour"
I'd be dead but happy
Track Name: Memories to Dust ft Rïcïnn
BPM : 71

Verse 1

Here the past
Smells like ashes
Pages from the outcast
In books have vanished

The stones don't talk
The trees forget,
And man speaks words
Not worth being said.

And you might be the one,
Yeah you might be the one
One of the ones that no ones understands,
Yeah you might be this one,
The one who wants to be once,
The one that wasn't one of the once no ones.

Yet time passes by,
Now can you hear it,
It makes sense seems futile
Once you fear it.
But still, while you cry,
Let me clear it

Chorus :
Tough luck,
The time fucked you up,
Your dreams, your hopes,
Found no back up
So genius cry,
Your lamp is lost,
Here Jesus died,
No man has found the cross
All memories to dust,

Verse 2 :

Be Nieztsche,
Another lonely wolf,
Don't preach,
Leather boots leads to Adolphs,

And the rest, maybe best,
History's better side,
Eternity put to rest,

Chorus :

Tough luck,
The time fucked you up,
Your dreams, your hopes,
Found no back up
So genius cry,
Your lamp is lost,
Here Jesus died,
-but-No man has found the cross
All memories to dust,
We share, we care,
Once written by the wisest,
Seesed to be fair
So cry away your fear,
Not being remembered,
And feel each of your tears,
Vanity tempered.
Track Name: A Chapter to an End ft Jelila
A Chapter to an End

Verse 1:

You were prepared,
Your head in the sand,
Still you'd preferred,
A chapter to and end.

Chorus :

But It's here,
And you better embrace it,
The short time,
Before getting trough the exit.
And you'd rather,
Have a chapter
To an end,
No extends,
Nothing after,
Being bitter doesn't matter.
Don't admit,
Just embrace it.

Verse 2:

Your faith is still,
Inside your god
But your fear is real
Coz god is not...
So fear your time,
Your anxious nature,
Poorly sublimed,
Seeks for torture

Chorus :

But It's here,
And you better embrace it,
The short time,
Before getting trough the exit.
And you'd rather,
Have a chapter
To an end,
No extends,
Nothing after,
Being bitter doesn't matter
Don't admit,
Just embrace it.

Verse 3 :

You've had your share,
Don't go out,
Thinking life is unfair,
Justice smilles at believers,
So don't be dumb as you leave us
Your breath is now leaving,
Your lips are now shaking,
Your brain is now swimming,
Your heart is now swinging

Chorus :

So It's here,
You're now facing the exit,
Can you feel,
Calm and slow don't you love it?.
And you rather,
Had a chapter
To an end,
To attend,
Afterlife to ascend
Nothing after,
We die covered
Empty smile flowered,
Lifelong tone unanswered.

So embrace it,
Don't you love it?
The end to the chapter
Of your exit.
Track Name: Et Pourtant ft Melle Argile
Et Pourtant

Un sourire, appel au compromis
Bien qu'odieux c'est la belle qui s'en omit,
Fille des fables et hommes d'émoi,
Tous en déboires en leur ébats+

Si bas d'estime aux égards des unes
On s'égare dans l'infime au regard des urnes
Et arrache nos rêves à leur socle idylle
En confins confiné de pensées serviles+

Et quand bien tous meurent, plus se trompent,
Pour preuve en torpeur, toutes audaces s'estompent,
C'est la vie qu'embouti la peur du beau,
Quand empathie et raison viennent à faire défauts+

Tumultueuse errance que l'incertitude,
L'angoissante liberté des sentiments,
Qu'engendre à beaucoup turpitude,
Laissant le reste s'accabler de mille tourments+

Et pourtant tous meurent,
A le savoir ne déraisonnent,
Aucun enfants qui des frayeurs,
Si facilement frissonnent.
Et pourtant tous meurent,
Quelques outils de dérision,
Aident l'homme en sa peur,
Lui pleure sa condition+
Et pourtant tous crèvent,
Quelques outils de dérision,
Aident l'homme mais lui préfère,
Pleurer sa condition+
Mille états d'âmes qu'en faire?
Quand l'enfer c'est soi,
S'en faire pourquoi, ma foi, l'envers,
Du masque c'est moi+

D'un astre en noyade au crépuscule,
A l'aurorale dorure d'un mont d'orient,
Aux danses des feuilles qu'un vent bouscule,
Les beautés n'abondent qu'aux esprits béants+
Et pourtant tous meurent,
Et le savoir ne solutionne,
L'écho accru des faux malheurs,
Qui dans les coeurs résonnent.
Et pourtant tous meurent,
Âcre conscient qu'adoucit,
L'orgueil trouble et menteur,
Qui d'ostentation sévit,
Qui d'ostentation surgit
D'un délabrement naquit
Vie dispensable maquis+
Track Name: Think I Don't ft Pia Salvia

So loud and singing out all their convictions
Shallow expectations
Shadows of emotions
Swallows obligations
So proud to be indiscreet,
Crowed mind excrete
Their misconceived concrete,
Causes fact to deplete


As for me… Well...As for me…
As for me, as for me…-well…
Think I don't - Don’t
I Think I don’t I just
I just think I don’t
I must - Think I don’t …. Might not think at all
I just think i don’t,
I just might not think at all.


Shouting in the halls
Only matter for those
Writing on the walls

Another illusion
For the silent ones
Emptiness in motion
Claims to dispel;
Nastier conditions
From the current ones
Begs for more devotion
Asked of me, well…

CHORUS 2 (Outro)

Think I don't
I just - I think I don't - don’t
Think I don’t
I just - I just think I don't
I must
I just think I don’t - don’t
I must think I don’t
I might not think at all
I just, think I don’t
I-i-iI just...
Track Name: Lost again ft Rïcïnn
I'm lost again

Verse 1 :

In beetween conversations,
I see my life running by,
Attemp to give in convention,
Discust me each time I try.

When taking out,
The real it's left,
In a taste of theft.
The love is gone,

I might be proud,
And feeling deft,
I'm left alone.

No other way,
To ease my life,
I'm growing insane,
To appease my strife

And everyone seems,
To do the same,
Yet you loose their esteem,
Once you've quit the game.
They will tell you otherwise,
They will name you other guys,
That will find you to be wise,
Then advies you to disguis.
Chorus :

Now I'm lost again,
I'm feeling absent,
While I'm send,
To pretend, that the road goes ascend.

I'm lost again,
In my frame I'll be looking absent,
I'm lost again,
In my brain.

Verse 2 :

When suddenly,
Falling from the sky,
Oddly holy,
I bearly believed my eyes
Smilling beauty,
Maybe lost as well,
Kept on looking at me,
Crushing trough my shell.

I had nothing to say,
And I just said so,
Oh well silence she said,
Is just the voice below.

And fits me well,
Or maybe better,
Than some repelling shit,
On current weather.

We smiled for a while,
Walking together,
I'm loving that exile,
Then said to her.

Falling for you,
Feels like such a gain,
You're a living vertue,
please cure me again.

She took my hands,
Brought her lips to mines,
And invaded by that sense,
I just lost my mind.
Chorus :

And I'm lost again,
I'm smiling altghout,
Humour senses in my brain,
Matches nothing i saw.
Track Name: Aux Delicats ft Melle Argile
Aux délicats

Aux délicats
Que la vie oppresse,
A vous,
Morts par tendresse

Aux délicats,
D'organes brutaux,
Aux cœurs las,
Sur les tréteaux,
Ces quelques notes de piano.

Aux délicats,
De jeunesse biaisé,
De faux soldats,
De plomb oxydé,

Aux délicats,
D'amour perdus,
D'humour força,
D'émoi vêtu
Ces quelques mots d'un encre ému.

Aux délicats,
Dont l'avis s'oppresse,
Du moindre débat,
Fard d'indélicatesse

Aux délicats,
Femmes trésor déchues,
Corps célibat,
L'esprit branlé aux nues
Ces quelques pensées crues.

Aux délicats,
Mort de tout,
Vie d'errata,
Né d'un écrou.

Aux délicats,
Solidaire de rien,
Solitaire d'aléa,
D'enchères carmin
Ces quelques maigres soutiens
Track Name: Obviously Yours ft Rïcïnn
Obviously Yours :

I see the blood in yours eyes
The gap in your arms
Your heart beats surprised
From nothing you want.
Knowing love you feel sure
Yet your mind seems to soar
Blind to see it's a war,
And it's obviously yours.

It's around in the air
And the time is so wrong,
Hiding into despair,
Yet the choice is your own

One story the next,
You keep running through doors,
Love shouldn't be no pretext,
Yet it's obviously yours.

You're knitting a shadow
Warming your way
Pulling you down below,
When I wish you'd stay

You know that I care,
By keeping the score
And judging you there, well,
I'm obviously yours 
Track Name: Pia To Forte ft Pia Salvia
Pia to Forte
Tempo : 80 Bpm
In confort I'm bored,
To repeal it I bring-,
-In a major discord,
When I sing-
-In this minor chord. (repeat)
And I might switch, In a bit,
From upset to happy,
Higher pitch,
To befit,
Your preset to beauty.

Hear me now,
See the smiles now instead,
Hear me now,
Easy to get in your head,
Is it not,
No matter what I just said,
Hear me now,
Ho god I think I misread,
Hear me out
These lyrics have you misled
"I'll be Pia-It-seems-on-
-Forte glissando,
My pia-ni-ssi-mo,
Seeks heavy Crescendo,
I'll be Pia,
It seems,
An outlaw,
In themes,
A major melody,
On a minor mind,

And I think I lost it,
Singing this line,
The composer’s crossed it,
So I'll decline,
Smilling back again,
In tune and insane
I'm swinging in vain,
Singing in pain,
From Pia to forte,
From depth to cliché,
Beatrice to Dante,
From dismiss to display.

And I might be lost,
Yet hear me now,
I might pay the cost,
Yet hear me now,
Eloquence was here,
All along,
Beyond the sound it appeared,
Growing strong,
Hear it now,
On the drums,
Hear it now,
On the horns,
Hear it now,
In my voice
Know it now,
It's a choice

So let me end,
On beauty restored,
Yet also to offend,
With this minor discord.
Track Name: Dawn Cycle ft Rïcïnn
Light rises up,
Turns (the)night to day,
I feel it coming up,
Drifting me away.

Coming up, coming up,...

Verse 1:
It's 6 o'clock in the morning,
And i walk straight,
My blood unfilthed by anything,
And it feels great.
Sun right in my face
People right in they're place
The city sings my song
Today can't go wrong,

BRK 1:
Today, to work,
The floor is shinning,
Reflects a jerk
That i ended up wiping,
But still,
The floor was blinding

Verse 2:
So I kept on wipping,
All day long,
Got tired of it from the beginning,
And still stayed strong,
And hardest thing,
There is among,
Was with the other ones,
To get along.

-False smiles,
-Forced talks,
-Tired up faces,
-Repeted jokes.

BRK 2:
It drove me mad,
and so sad,
Who knew life had,
To be so bad,
After i while i ran away,
After a while i had to get away,
So now,
I'm calming down the pain,
And now,
I feel it moving in my vein,
And reaching for my brain

Verse 3:
I know it's in vain,
I know it's insane,
I know it's the same,
I know it remains,
I know it's to blame,
I know it's a shame,
And I don't care,
No I don't care,
Coz despit it,
Sun's rising up,
It's 6 in the morning again,
My head's completely fucked,
But for once sings the sound of my brain.


And I know i'll be down again,
As the dawn cycle don't depend,
On my sa-ni-ty
Track Name: Sky's eyes ft Jelila


I open my eyes,
And feel so light,
Somehow not surprised,
All appearing so bright.

Chorus :

I'm as good as dead,
As I was once alive,
Perhaps slightly ahead,
My whole mind as revived.

I'm as good as dead,
As I would by sunrise,
Even, better instead,
Is see now from the sky's eyes


1'01'': I see the world passing by
Underneath my eyes
I'm the sky, and to me,
Gravity laws no longer applies

Flying by some people on the ground,
Never felt more alive,
Waving greetings all around
None of them seems to reply

I'm flying by a river,
It's such a lovely feeling,
Once right over,
I saw my body missing
But couldn't believe it,
I'd rather though instead,
A dreaming lonely spirit,
But I guess -- I'm dead
No regrets right here,
I don't feel my fear,
I'm aware that I'm dead,
And I'm happy I am,
Cause life had me misled
In believing,
Almost kneeling,
For anything,
To have any meaning.

Chorus :
I'm as good as dead,
As I was once alive,
Perhaps slightly ahead,
My whole mind as revived.

I'm as good as dead,
As I would by sunrise,
Even, better instead,
Is see now from the sky's eyes

Now I'm the sky and I'm free
From it's eyes, from it's lies,
From the sides, from the glides.

I'm as good as dead,
As I was once alive,
Perhaps slightly ahead,
My whole mind as revived.

I'm as good as dead,
As I would by sunrise,
Even, better instead,
Is see now from the sky's eyes
Track Name: Head's Away ft Aurélien Barry
Head's away
133 BPM

The ground withdrawn
My head's away,
When my mind is gone
My body plays

When my mind is gone
My feelings aside
That sweet taste left is a
A lie
My senses lives
A lie

Curious case
Of nothingness
The bassline curves
In emptiness
My mind is struggling for sanity
As vanity
Prices reality

No trip for remedy
Mine sells down the streets
I got the recepy
To be swept off my feets
to live this life,
And die,
And dive,
My innocence's alive,
My inner-self's a lie,

The ground withdrawn
My head's away,
When my mind is gone
My body plays

When my head's away
I head away,
When my head's away,
So far,
By the stars